This amazing, sweet boy came to us as an 86 pound male beagle. He has lost a few pounds already and is on a special metabolic diet plan to shed... Read More


You’d never guess this adorable and active girl was 14 years old! Lexi is a very affectionate, fun, and snuggly female dachshund. We are told she is in good health.... Read More

Peter/ Pepper

This handsome 10 year old male Cocker Spaniel is a total gentleman. He was picked up as a stray in rough condition, and now is all fixed up. Pepper loves... Read More


Sweet, bouncy 8-10 year old Gary came to us after being picked up as a stray. He is the sweetest terrier and is loyal to his people! Gary loves to... Read More


This little beauty is our new “Canine Company” permanent resident! After thoroughly discussing Portia’s happiness at Bob’s House, and her demeaner with people, we all agree that Portia was meant... Read More


Scotty is our 16 year old, male shih Tzu. He enjoys his days lounging on his easy chair at Bob’s House. He is not adoptable, do to extreme anxiety with... Read More

Annie & Chester

This adorable Mother and Son beagle duo are sure to make you fall head over heels! Annie (11) and Chester (10) are the sweetest beagles you could ever meet! They... Read More


Peter is our famous 15 year old, male, mini poodle. He has brought years of smiles and love into people’s lives for our “Canine Companion” program. He’s visited many nursing... Read More


Poppy is our 6 year old, female, Pomeranian. She is our newest member of the “Canine Companion” program, where she visits nursing homes and spreads joy to people. Poppy is... Read More


We call T-Bone our in-house nurse, as he is always caring for the other dogs and keeping their faces clean. T-Bone joined our “Dying with Dignity” program after we found... Read More