Would you like a running or hiking partner? Well, here’s a rare opportunity you don’t usually see at Bob’s House! A 1 year old, female, husky mix! Due to Riley not getting much attention in the shelter, she became a beautiful exception to our 5 and older age protocol.

Riley plays great with other dogs, loves to snuggle and is so much fun to play in the yard with! She loves to bounce around in the snow like a deer! This is a high energy breed, so before you fill out an application to meet Riley, make sure you understand what Riley’s breed and age would entail. She would need a lot of exercise every day and you can expect some digging to be done in the yard. Looking for a gardening buddy and hate tilling? She can till that dirt up for you in no time!

It was noted that Riley had separation anxiety behavior in her previous home. We aren’t seeing any anxiety here, but she is also around a bunch of other dogs, which could be bringing her a lot of comfort and fixing this anxiety presently. A physically active home with one or two other dogs is what we would like to see Riley in. She will give plenty of kisses to you and is sure to make you laugh!

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