Our Programs

Our Programs

We provide a loving home for dogs that need extra care and attention.


We work with area shelters to provide a safe and loving environment for dogs that might need a little extra help to make them adoptable. During their stay at Bob’s House for Dogs we provide them with meticulous medical care, high quality food, and all the love and attention they deserve, all in a kennel-free environment filled with comfy couches. And we couldn’t be happier when they find their very own furever families!


At Bob’s House for Dogs, we offer a permanent home for dogs with significant medical cases (i.e. severe anxiety) that would otherwise be considered un-adoptable. These dogs are given round-the-clock love and care, high-quality food, needed medications, and a home to call their own for the remainder of their days. They lounge around on comfy couches, get lots of snuggles and even participate in our community outreach programs!


Many senior dogs come to Bob’s House near the end of their lives due to cancer, kidney failure, seizures, etc. We open our doors to the terminally ill and advanced aged dogs when other shelters can’t. We provide them with the comforts of home, plenty of love and, when the time is right we euthanize them in house after a dinner of cheeseburgers and ice cream. We do our best to replace fear with love and comfort at the end of their lives.

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While our community gives to our dogs, our dogs also give back to the community! We have many community programs setup, including nursing home visits and group tour options to visit with our dogs and see our facility. As you might guess, caring for these dogs can be quite expensive. Please take some time to look over our needs and make a donation today.

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From medical costs, to building supplies, keeping our residents comfortable is expensive! We need your help to fund the programs that make Bob's House the haven that it is.


We have outgrown our current building and are planning an additional space to better serve our residents. We also dream of adding a cat jungle to foster senior cats!


This program sustains our general medical fund which pays for general veterinary care and non-emergency procedures that help keep our dogs healthy and happy.


“Chico’s Trail” is a walking trail outside Bob’s House that allows for safe walks away from busy highways. It is need of gravel and maintenance to make for smoother walks.


This program ensures that every Bob’s House dogs receives the necessary teeth cleaning and teeth extractions they need. The result is a lot healthy and happy kisses!


Our Sustainers make monthly donations that help us keep these programs funded for our dogs.

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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions and our answers.

How is Bob's House different from a shelter?

We rescue senior dogs and bring them to our facility with open indoor and outdoor areas for them to relax and play. They can meander from an old couch in our living room to a comfy chair in the back room, and do not have to live in a small, cold kennel. The dozen or so dogs who grace Bob’s House at any one time, can freely interact and play with each other or snuggle up for a nap. We strive for a nurturing and comfortable environment with personal attention for each of our residents.

Where do the dogs come from?

All of our guests are fostered for area shelters and rescues. We cannot take private surrenders, or transfers from other organizations. They are dogs with special medical needs, elderly dogs, and dogs who cannot tolerate the sometimes stressful conditions of a regular shelter. All dogs in our care have been temperament tested and are likely well socialized.

How is Bob's House funded?

Our facility is very unique because we operate on donations and fundraisers only. We do not receive any funding from the shelters or rescues that we provide foster care for. These donations also fund the food and medical care that our residents receive.

Why do I have to set up an appointment to visit Bob's House?

We are a cage-free facility, which means that our dogs become very excited when visitors are here. When you make an appointment it helps to make sure that we have more than one person to assist the adoption coordinator, so we can introduce the dogs in a very controlled manner.

How do I adopt a dog from Bob's House?

All visits for potential adopters require an approved application prior to setting up an appointment. Online Application

Can I volunteer at Bob’s House?

We currently have a full schedule and are unable to take new volunteers. Thank you for your interest!

More questions? Feel free to reach out and we'd be happy to answer them!

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    We are thrilled to have programs that give back the community that gives so much to us!


    Volunteers bring Bob’s house residents to area nursing homes to visit the elderly. With plenty of love and snuggles to go around, it’s a win-win!


    Bob’s House maintains a steady stream of school and group tours. Kids learn about our mission and snuggle with our residents, and everyone leaves with a smile on their face! 


    Are you interested in bringing a group to tour Bob's House or want a visit from our dogs? Contact us!

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