When my partner first laid eyes on Zippy, they both knew it was love. 

As college kids, we are in the most mobile phase of our lives, and unfortunately cannot commit to a full-on adoption. He and I both know this, and as animal lovers we have hemmed and hawed over this decision many times. I was taken aback when he said, “He’s coming home with me.” 

At first I thought he was joking, but he was smitten and serious. Zippy is the tiniest of tiny dogs; a Pomeranian weighing a mere 4 lbs. All those times we talked about getting a dog it was always a big breed we had in mind. Knowing he couldn’t keep him, he wanted to foster Little Z until he was adopted, and I happily agreed. 

Handsome Zippy sits pretty for the camera

3 days into his stay, the bittersweet news came… his forever home was on the way to pick him up. 

In those 3 days, we were blessed with Zippy’s permanent smile, his tippy-tappy toes, infinite kisses, and gentle cuddles. The best part is we got to share amazing progress with his new parents. Zippy and Hans came to Bob’s House at the same time, but the staff had their suspicions they would be better in different homes. After having them in different locations their theory proved correct!

Zippy loves running outside

I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience. Seeing my partner so happy and being able to show this sweet little pup a lot of love, brought back memories of the many foster dogs my family had growing up. 

Zippy loving the extra attention

Letting a dog into your heart fills it up with love — saying that last goodbye brought tears to our eyes, but nothing brings us more comfort than knowing he has found a forever home with people who will love him just as much as we do.  

Written by guest blogger Hannah Bryson