Unless you work in dog rescue, you might think dog grooming only serves the purpose of keeping dogs clean and preventing matting.  At Bob’s House for Dogs we have discovered that bathing and grooming a new residents does so much more.  Most of the dogs come to us as a “Hot Mess”.  Many have had long term skin issues like dermatitis or flea infestation, and many have been neglected on any sort of grooming for years or their entire lives.

One would think that these dogs would be freaked out by the idea of a bath and any grooming.  But, I am continuously shocked that most of our dogs are not only tolerant of bathing and grooming, but actually enjoy it!  I worked in a dog grooming salon and have found the Bob’s House Dogs are far better behaved for grooming and bathing than dogs that were regulars at the salon.  Our residents are so thankful to be cleaned, pampered and doted on.  They love to be touched in such a caring and loving way.  It’s an intimate attention they have been craving most of their lives.  Grooming the residents not only leaves them clean, good smelling, and beautiful, but it also gives them back their dignity.  You can see the pride our dogs have after their “spa time”.  They are more confident, and have a pep in their step.  Not only does this help with getting dogs noticed for adoptions, but it also creates a relationship of trust and love between humans and the dog. A neglected dog’s faith can be restored in humans once again. A bath is the perfect ice breaker when meeting our new friends.
Nikki Ristau – Adoption Coordinator