As Bob’s House for Dog’s Medical Coordinator, I feel I have the best job ever! Taking care of these sweet old souls has been an honor and a privilege. The most difficult part of my job is having to say goodbye. Caring for these neglected senior’s medical needs begins a special bond of caring for both parties. The dogs really look to us as caregivers and begin to trust us. When they go on to their new families, we are overjoyed for them, but feel a loss when it’s time to say goodbye. We just plain miss them when they go.

One dog in particular that had left a lasting impression on my heart was Chester. Chester was a very senior Irish Setter with the best personality. He was so pleasant and loved everyone. Chester found his way to a sweet couple that loved him dearly. It was a match made in heaven. I was lucky enough to keep in touch with Chester after running into him at the vet and then at a local establishment. I always get so excited running into a past resident around town.

After eight wonderful months with his new family, I got a call that he had passed away and once again I had to say goodbye. I’m so grateful Chester was a part of all of our lives. I love what I do and care for these dogs as if they were my own, yet saying goodbye twice can be hard. Thankfully we have hearts that expand with each new furry face.

Heather Muller, Bob’s House for Dogs Medical Coordinator