Susie is a zestful female black lab mix who came in mid June of 2018. She weighed in at 92 pounds – very overweight and had difficulty getting around very well. We took Susie into the vet right away to start her medical evaluation and found she has Hypothyroidism; a big cause of metabolic slowing and weight gain. The veterinarian got her started on thyroid meds and a metabolic diet immediately. Susie had to lay down often just from walking around Bob’s House. We tried swimming to help her shed some pounds, but discovered she wasn’t really a fan, so her friend Carl helped her by playing in the “Laying down” play-style out in the yard. By July she was down 9 pounds. In August down another 3 pounds and by January she has lost a total of 26 pounds weighing in at 67 pounds! She is now playing with her other doggy friends and rarely lays down in the yard. When she first arrived she was unable to get up on the couch for snuggle time, but now hops on the sofa with ease. Susie is STILL looking for a home. Check out her bio here:

Please email Nikki if you would like to meet her: