For some dogs, Bob’s House for Dogs becomes their forever home.

Remember, Bear, Midnight and Scooter, the trio of German shepherds who were Bob’s first residents? How about Koda and Felix?

All of them were in the Here to Stay program and lived out their remaining days at Bob’s House with all the love, comfort and snuggles they could have ever wanted, as well as food and any medication or special attention that they might have needed. Over the years, others have followed in their pawprints, including current residents Carl, Eli and Wilson.

Dogs might find themselves in the Here to Stay program if they are sweet and gentle like Peter, traits that make them great Bob’s House ambassadors at area nursing homes or schools, or if they suffer from a medical condition that makes them unadoptable, like severe anxiety (Koda) or paralyzing fear (Felix).

Peter, who started out in the Here to Stay program, loved to visit area assisted-living facilities and nursing homes, where he enjoyed going from lap to lap and snuggling with the residents. Koda, with a combination of love and medication, thrived at Bob’s House, where he was popular with staff, volunteers, residents of area nursing homes and local school children. Over time, Felix, a puppy mill survivor, gained confidence and learned to trust staff and volunteers. He went from a dog who stayed in an open kennel to a pup who went on frequent visits to area nursing homes, where he would be cuddled and petted by residents.

Peter the first night in his new home

Following his retirement from nursing home visits, Peter lived out his final days with his favorite Bob’s House volunteer and her family. Had they not come to Bob’s House, Koda and Felix might not have had a chance to enjoy their final years. Thankfully, they did, and they were well cared for and, most of all, loved.

Christena O’Brien, Guest Blogger, Bob’s House for Dogs Board of Directors