During the last year and a half we’ve had to say good-bye to seven of our senior dogs that had been a part of our family since before Bob’s House opened it’s doors. This left with us with a 15 year old teacup poodle, Alice, adopted from Bob’s House for Dogs in 2011, and a four year old cat, Jimmy. Originally Travis and I decided to not get another dog. We thought about taking a break for awhile and that it would give us a chance to enjoy the quiet. Well, it was too quiet. Our hearts were pulled to look into the doors of Bob’s House and take in one of the Dying With Dignity dogs. Daphne, a sweet senior black lab, pulled at our heartstrings and we knew that she had to come live with us.

Daphne is such a delightful and happy 13 yr. old. Even though she has renal failure, she still has wonderful quality of life that we can make even better. She gets daily walks through the woods, plenty of time to chase balls, lots of TLC, and a home to call her own, if only for a short time. We in turn receive her affection and gratitude when she looks up at us with her big brown eyes. Once again our home is a little less quiet.

Amy and Travis Quella – Founders of Bob’s House for Dogs