Our program that houses our adoptable dogs is titled “From Kennel to Couch”. The origin of this title comes from our main mission, to make senior dogs more adoptable. This is what we do at Bob’s House – foster dogs for area shelters and rescues in our home environment. By removing dogs from the kennel environment and placing them in a real home, their true personalities begin to emerge. Dogs that have been neglected most of their lives come into our doors and begin to blossom. When a perspective adopter comes to visit the house, we first instruct them to come and sit on one of the many couches. The dogs begin to explore the new visitor and pretty soon the visitor has two, to possibly all dogs in his or her lap. It really is the best way to get to know the dogs and visa-versa.

Catching some morning sunlight

That being said, not every dog is a Bob’s House Dog. Dogs that have aggressive behaviors towards other dogs or humans will not do well here. We rely on our great relationships with the shelters and rescues we foster for to hand pick the dogs that will thrive here.

Couches leave lots of space for napping

We notice that having a kennel free environment helps the dogs who have been abused or neglected to behave like dogs again. Mill dogs that have no idea how to be a “real dog” learn by watching their housemates. They learn to potty outside, tolerate the human touch, play in the yard, and before too long their fears are lessened and they begin to trust their human caretakers. Moving dogs from the kennel to the couch has been life changing for both the dogs and the humans that care for them.

Caught spooning

Danica Lowry, Bob’s House for Dogs Board of Directors