A few years ago at work, our activity committee decided to have pet photos posted in the break room so everyone could guess which pet belonged to which employee. Staff also brought in donations for Bob’s House for Dogs. One of our staff members knew about Bob’s House and had only wonderful comments. At the time we weren’t looking to add another family member, but I was always browsing pet adoption sites regardless. I loved what I saw at Bob’s House and just knew when it was time to adopt again, we would return.

We had a great companion in Sparky, our 17 year old rat terrier. We purchased him from a breeder and were very happy. Nine years ago we adopted Mojo when we were living in Kansas City, and he is still with us today. After our experience, we knew adoption was the only route we’d take in the future. Sparky passed about three years ago, and a few months later we visited Bob’s House. We fell in love with Larry. Of course, Mojo is the final decision maker and he loved Larry instantly. He came home with us and they became brothers quickly. Larry was blind but he found his way and Mojo would lead him into the yard and back into the house. Larry passed away after a year with us, which was tough. However, he was our angel and it was a great year with him.

Our sweet Larry

We had such a great experience with adoption and with Bob’s House, we visited again a few months after Larry passed. We checked out several dogs, and fell in love with Skippy. He was Mojo’s choice too. Skippy was our family Christmas present and he and Mojo love each other like crazy. 

Mojo and Skippy are the best of friends!

We always had our dogs as puppies before and although we loved them, there is something special about a senior dog. We decided we were past the puppy stages and wanted to stay with adopting older dogs. Sometimes people overlook seniors thinking they are too old, sick, and not playful. That is not the case and has never been our experience. You won’t regret the decision, if you adopt a senior.   

Submitted by Susan and Michael, Forever Family to Larry and Skippy – adopted through Bob’s House for Dogs